Neutralizing The Stigma of Medical Waste

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Neutralizing The Stigma of Medical Waste


Brody Public Relations was contacted by SteriMed Systems, an environmentally friendly medical waste technology, to capitalize on a news cycle brewing in the state of Utah.

A medical waste incinerator had come under public scrutiny for spewing airborne toxins into a bedroom community in North Salt Lake City. SteriMed offers a clean, compact and cost-efficient technology to dispose of medical waste on site at hospitals and healthcare facilities. SteriMed has one unit is installed in a small rural Utah hospital, five hours outside of Salt Lake City.



  • Established SteriMed as a white knight in the field of medical waste management.
  • Garnered multiple print stories, including the lead in the Salt Lake Tribune article on alternatives, mentions in multiple print media including AP, two TV news segments, and a radio story on the NPR affiliate.
  • SteriMed is now being touted as one of the most effective alternatives to medical incineration in the state of Utah, leading to multiple new sales opportunities.